Ceramic Figure ‘Rosalind’

Nude Female Sculpture

Height 16cms x Width 18cms x Depth 34cms

Price £550

Ceramic Torso

Red Torso - Ceramic.

Height H24cms x Width 14cms x Depth 14cms

Price £360

Ceramic Torso


Height 24cms Weight 14cms Depth 14cms

Price £350

Sculpted Figure ‘Liz’

Cast in Ceramic

Height 30cms Weight 24cms Depth 18cm

Cost £320

Seated Figure

Cast in Bronze Resin

Height 62cm Width 37cm Depth 30cm Weighs approx 20 kgs Edition of 25 1/25 sold (Summer 2018) 24 Editions remaining

Price: £625.00

The sculpture can be situated outdoors (not 100% frost proof)

Dog Sculpture Cast in Bronze

Cast In Bronze

Length 40cm Width 18cm Height 18cm Weight 7kg - This was a commission - 10 sold -9 editions remaining.

Price: £1995.00 each

Large Ceramic Torso


Height  33cms Width 19cms Depth  19cms

Price: £750

Ceramic Seated Female Sculpture


Height 26cms Width 18cms Depth 16cms

Price £500

Small Head


Height: 21cms Width: 10cms Depth: 14cms

Price £160


Cast in Bronze

Height  24cms Width 12cms Dimensions 11cms

Price £150 or £270 for the pair

Ceramic Torso


Height: 20cms Width: 11cms Depth: 10cms

Price £350