Prices vary considerably depending on many factors



If you would like a miniature this can be achieved for a bespoke price.

Your requirements for a sculpture will be discussed at the first consultation.

Commissioning a sculpture

Commissioning a sculpture for either the home or garden is an exciting process and one that I will be happy to show you each step of the way: from the initial meeting to discuss what your requirements are, whether it is a figurative sculpture, a  portrait of an animal of human portrait, to choosing the material to cast into (bronze resin or foundry bronze). We can discuss what size you would like and if for example you would like a portrait or even the whole animal as a sculpture.

Each step of the process will be documented and recorded and regular updates will be sent via email/text message/post.

I am happy to travel to your location to take photographs and discuss the characteristics and personality of the subject to be modelled. If necessary a second visit might be required to take more photos to ensure I have the best possible information for the intended outcome.

Each sculpture is bespoke depending on the pose, the  selected material to cast into and if you want to have just the animals' portrait or the whole body. It very much depends on your individual requirements. Each sculpture will be priced individually.

Contact Susie for more information about commissioning your own sculpture either call 07719 917480 or click on the contact link below: