Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden Exhibit

Sculpture is an art form which lends itself to being exhibited within a natural setting. The popularity of sculpture gardens has grown in recent years, with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park celebrating its 40th year - it set in motion a wave of sculpture parks both large and small.

One such park close to my studio in the South East, is the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

I  discovering the beautifully landscaped gardens with its eclectic range of sculptures last year, and from there, began to dream of having my own work there in the not too distant future.

I have always had a fascination for the figurative form, more recently focusing on the torso.

The process I use when creating sculptures, combines my enjoyment of modelling clay and my love for the additive and subtractive process the material has to offer.

Working with clay provides a range of textures from smooth greys to rough textured red clay. A heavily dark grey textured clay is a favourite to work with - as it is naturally strong and good to sculpt with.

Once I had made contact with the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, the curator came to my studio to chose the sculptures she wanted to exhibit.

These sculptures are to be exhibited alongside other International Contemporary sculptors, which I am of course, delighted with!  


The Gallery owner chose this large ceramic piece.

Ceramic Stoneware Figure.

Creating a work of art like this, is a slow and intricate process. It can’t be rushed, and time has to be taken to prevent cracking or warping. This is one of the lovely elements of sculpting, as you watch the shapes, forms and textures develop.

It takes care, precision and some level of intuition to create the result you want.

This particular sculpture has been fired to a Stoneware temperature, which means it is strong and durable and can withstand mild frosts.


Outdoor Sculpture

Sculpture looks wonderful in an outdoor environment, but can also enhance an interior setting. Some of my works are smaller in size, and made to be appreciated indoors.

Three of my other works are on sale in the shop at the Sculpture garden, to visit you can find more details here on the website.

When choosing a sculpture for your home or garden, it’s worth considering these few things first:

1 - Firstly, does it make you smile? Does it cause you joy to look at and be around? A sculpture is an investment, and important that you like it!

2 - Is it waterproof if it’s to be exhibited outdoors?

3 - If you like a sculpture but wonder if there is something slightly different available, maybe in size or colour etc, it’s always worth contacting the sculptor. Most of us make bespoke items, and we can discuss with you what it is exactly you are hoping for.

My sculpture can be seen at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden until the end of October, and a few smaller pieces in the online shop.

IMG_2679 (1).jpg


My sculpture can be seen at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden until the end of October, and a few smaller pieces in the online shop.

To see more of my figurative work, you can find it here.

If you have a commission in mind, please get in touch with me to discuss your ideas.


Susie Hartley