How to choose a sculpture for your garden.

When we think of home, it's rarely just an indoor space, the outdoors spaces that we have - whatever size - make up an integral part of where we spend time.

Often when I speak to people about their garden’s their  faces light up in a way one doesn’t see when talking about an indoor living space.

Garden Sculpture

There is something almost magical about a garden, it can be planned and pruned and curated, but then nature has its own way of taking over our best plans - making them magical. 

Whether you have a large garden or a patio, a sculpture brings depth and intrigue to any outdoor space.

There is nothing better than a sculpture to be discovered set between the flora and fauna of a garden.


If you are considering commissioning a sculpture for your garden, there are a few things I would recommend considering to ensure you get a piece of art which meets your needs and desires.

Firstly you need to consider the size of a sculpture for your garden. If for example you have a small patio garden you could commission a smaller sculpture to go in a particular area - with the backdrop of a wall or climbing roses etc. 

For a large garden, consider which area of the garden the sculpture will be seated in - does the sculpture need to have a function too? A figurative bird bath is a wonderful way not only to provide depth and texture to your borders, but also to attract wildlife. 

Remembering that sculpture is three dimensional it is a good idea to consider its setting and how it can be viewed from a variety of angles.

Bronze Sculpture

If you are considering a sculptural water feature you would need to discuss a design which is made from a fully waterproof material and one which accommodates a water pump.

This is where our conversations and discussions prior to commissioning a piece come in!  

What are you planning on putting your sculpture on?

This may sound like an odd thing to consider, but the base of plinth  that a sculpture sits on is as important as the frame is for a painting. It’s always a shame to see a beautiful sculpture not sited in a way which shows off its beauty as well as complimenting the surroundings in which it sits. 

It goes without saying that a garden sculpture needs to be sturdy and waterproof - for this I tend to recommend oak, it is a great material for a plinth and can be bolted to a bronze or metal base.

Sculptures can be finished in a huge range of colours and textures so it’s important to consider clearly how you want the finished sculpture to look and to have this conversation with the sculptor.

Bronze is the most wonderful material to have as it weather beautifully and generally lasts forever! 

Bronze Figure

Many of us now use our gardens all year round, more so in the summer months, but winter and autumn provide colour and relaxation too. If you have a seating area, a pond or perhaps a flower bed which you would like to bring to life, a sculpture could be just what your outdoor space needs! 

I can help guide you through the process and create something which sits effortlessly in your outdoor space, bringing delight to your garden for many years to come. Do get in contact to discuss any ideas you have!


Susie Hartley