The Black Cat sculpture commission for Lace House, The Steine, Brighton 2017

During 2017 the property developers HQW commissioned me to make a new Black Cat sculpture for the exterior of  Lace House, which is situated on The Steine in Brighton, next to The Royal Albion Hotel. The original cat was positioned on one of the exterior corners of the building and after ninety years had become damaged. My commission was to work as closely as I could to the remains of the original (seen in the background of top left hand photo above) - to recreate the cat to its former glory! I used black modelling wax and had the cat cast into resin at a foundry. It was also painted in a strong resistant black paint to help protect it from the elements. The cat was unveiled in November 2017 and is in situ on the side of Lace House, The Steine, Brighton.

Susie HartleyLace House