Susie Hartley (BA Hons Fine Art)

I love the vitality of living forms

I create figurative sculptures for interior and exterior spaces, be it a sculpture of a beloved pet or a memoir for your garden. Working closely with you my aim is to produce a piece of art which will bring bespoke sculpture to your home.


The majority of my figurative sculptures have been made in either clay or wax, which are then cast in a variety of cold cast materials including bronze resin. I have found this material to be more durable and sustainable to work with. My sculptures can also be cast into bronze and more recently I have started to fire my work in a kiln and use a variety of glazes.

I live in Lewes, East Sussex and work in both 2D and 3D researching the human form. I also love to draw and print other natural forms and use lino, drypoint and photosilkscreen processes as another way to express my creativity.