Vitality within Living Forms

I have this desire to capture impulses of vitality within living forms. I leave the veracity of light to play against their tactile surfaces and expressive contours, permitting the viewer to experience their unique qualities whilst capturing appealing forms from all angles.

....'The human body is first and foremost a mirror to the soul and its greatest beauty comes from that'....Auguste Rodin

All my sculptures on this website are unique unless specifically identified as an edition.


Figurative sculpture has been my passion since graduating from Canterbury College of Art 30 years ago. On leaving college in the late 1980s I continued to work figuratively in London, taking private sculpture commissions. I moved to Lewes, East Sussex in the mid 1990s and enjoyed working at Glyndebourne Opera House making props for the stage productions and later began teaching Art and Design at a Sixth Form college in Lewes. Recent ceramic works explore colour through a range of oxides and glazes and commissioned work is for both private and commercial clients including interior designers. A selection of work can be purchased from the website or from several galleries in the South East.

Commissions of animals

Based in Lewes, East Sussex I take commissions of beloved pets and work closely with you to create a lasting sculpture. Private commissions of animals can be made in either ceramic or bronze. The photo here shows a unique bronze commission of a Labradoodle with 2 ceramic models I made in preparation of the final outcome. I worked from a series of photos and had lots of discussions with the client about particular characteristics and the personality traits of the lovely dog 'Jess'.

Get in touch

If you are interested in a commissioned work please contact me on 07719 917480 or email

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